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In the 21st century, virtually everything is done remotely because of the immense use of the Internet. Due to the increasing use of the Internet and the web in the last two decades, businesses and governments worldwide have seen positive change and transformation. ICT plays an increasingly significant role in the effective delivery and exchange of information. ICT is critical to a country’s social and economic advancement.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is increasingly viewed as a valuable tool to support and enhance growth and development across the globe. Significant thinkers in business and economic fields realize that to have a competitive advantage in trade, industry, manufacturing, and services in the 21st century, a nation must integrate, apply, and utilize information and communications technologies in several industries. Technology, especially in the industrial sectors, allowed the developed countries (the United States (U.S.), United Kingdom (U.K.), Germany, and Japan) to reach their current level of development. Due to the increased adoption and integration of innovative technology, India, China, Russia, and other Asian Tigers are growing. As a result, developing nations such as Nigeria recognize that all non-technological development initiatives are doomed to failure. Technology will play a vital role in transforming the economies of African countries.

The Nigerian government now knows that it is the country’s and the world’s competitiveness that depends on utilizing modern technology to change various economic sectors. The role of technology in helping human dignity and lifting people out of poverty will be fundamental (Nigeria Digital Economy Diagnostic Report, 2018). Hence, this training is needed to equip participants with the ICT skillset required to provide solutions to social and other myriad prevailing problems in the Nigerian economy.


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